double stuffed oreo/reese cup sandwich…aka…HEAVEN

12 Jan

I shared this recipe on our Facebook page the other day but this looks too amazing to not give it a special blog post. The team at Cookies & Cups  shared this little master piece a few months ago and I am dying to try it. It includes two of my favorite things – oreos and reese cups…I mean really, what could be better?!?!


  • Double stuff oreos (regular or vanilla..or BOTH)
  • Reese Cups
  • Melting Chocolate


  • Gather an even number of double stuffed oreos to reese cups
  • Twist apart the oreos
  • Sandwich the reese cup between two oreo halves (both halves should have stuffing on them)
  • Apply light pressure to the sides so the filling acts as a glue to hold the whole sandwich together
  • Dunk the sandwich in melting chocolate
  • Let harden on tray (I would put in the fridge to hurry up the process)
  • Feel free to crush the unused oreo sides on top of the sandwich
  • EAT THEM ALL UP! Well not all of them, you should probably share…but only share with nice people.

I would love to wrap them up in a nice baggie and give out as a favor. Perfect for a kids party or for a party that includes anyone with a sweet tooth!



One Response to “double stuffed oreo/reese cup sandwich…aka…HEAVEN”

  1. frugalfeeding January 12, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    They really do look like heaven – thanks so much for sharing them.

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